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Nuclear Receptors Ligands and Structures Benchmarking DataBase

Welcome to the NRLiSt

The NRLiSt BDB (Nuclear Receptors Ligands and Structures Benchmarking DataBase) is a non-commercial manually curated benchmarking database dedicated to the Nuclear Receptor(NR) ligands and structures pharmacological profiles.

The NRs formed a superfamily of related transcription factors composed of 48 members, divided into seven subfamily (NR0 to NR6). The NRs are involved in a wide range of physiological key functions: growth, differentiation, reproduction, metabolism, electrolytic homeostasis, stress response and immune function... Several commercially-available compounds acting through the activation (agonist) or inhibition (antagonist) of one (or several) NR(s) are currently used.

For the 27 NRs having more than one agonist and one antagonist ligand, and at least one experimental structure available, this new benchmarking database provides all available agonist and antagonist ligands identified in the literature and all human holo structures available in the PDB including manually reviewed information about their activity from the literature. The 9905 compounds and 339 structures of the NRLiSt BDB are ready for structure-based and ligand-based virtual screening.